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Bizzong! The Weird and Wacky Fiction Podcast

Bizzong! The Weird and Wacky Fiction Podcast talks to everyone who is anyone that writes strange and offbeat stories. Bizzong! aims to be a resource to those interested in reading and writing in the genres. Our interviews are conversational, informative and entertaining. So if you feel like the weird kid on your block, press play and discover a wacky world of writers who are just like you.

Apr 15, 2019


This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes co-founder of Death's Head Press, Jarod Barbee! The duo discuss the origins of Death' Head Press, the secret to their early success and how the press envisions Bizarro Fiction.

It's a fun way to peel back the layers of a successful independent press like an onion and cry tears of joy at the beauty within. Then slice you skin and bleed out all that pansy stuff because there will be none of that this week! Petal to the metal and put the lotion on its skin, it's time to sin with Bizzong! and Death's Head Press.